The Concert Mute by WMutes
22 September

The Concert Mute by WMutes

Concert Mute by WMutes was presented the on 2010 with the aim to offer a high quality mute for string players. Since then it’s been upgraded to reach the best muted sound for your instrument. Huge amount of materials have been tested, including metals, leathers, silks, rubbers, corks, etc. And lots of designs have been realized in the search of sound quality, usability, bridge and string fixation, springs resistance, beauty, etc.

The result is the Concert WMutes for violin, viola and cello. It fits perfectly on modern and classic bridges. Coupling is not guaranteed on all baroque bridges. Violin players may also choose the viola model since it also fits and sounds perfectly on violin. 

The piece is made of a specialy refined bronze that focus and enhances the sound. The contact surface with the bridge and string is covered with a thin layer of velvet that diminishes the undesired harmonics and rounds the sound respecting the natural tone of your instrument.

The design of WMutes achieves the best sounding contact point with the bridge and provides perfect attachment to any bridge and string. Place the mute between 2on and 3rd strings for a perfectly balanced muted sound. Placing it between other strings slightly change the sound colour. Hang it on the begining of the 4th string, next to the tailpiece, to avoid any sound alteration while not using it. If your instrument has a prominent wolf tone you can search the best position of the WMute on the string to mitigate it, specialy on cellos.

The usability seems complicate the first times you use WMutes, but in a few days you'll completely automate the movement and it will become as fast as standard mutes. The trick is to relax the wrist, belive me. Dont be afraid the WMute to fall apart, both attachments to the bridge and strings are perfectly tested and your WMute will never fall down.

The spring resistance also had several tests to find the exact amount of needed presure on the bridge for a perfect sound result. It’s architecture assures a lifelong warranty.