WMutes vs standard mutes
22 September

WMutes vs standard mutes

After years of evoluting WMutes we have analysed and compared the most common mutes existing on the market. We have elaborated a ranking to evaluate them on the different categories based on the major opinion of a large amount of professional music players. Feel free to share your own valoration!

Foccusing on sound quality the WMutes stands out above the others. Users highly value their pure, resonant and focused sound. Anyway words doesn't mean anything about sound, so better listen the comparative audio tracks listed HERE.

About usability WMutes is not the easiest option, but in a few days of use it becomes as fast as spector or rubber mutes. Do not panic the first time since soon you'll automate the movement.

Beauty on a mute was an almost inexistent concept before the arrival of WMutes. Maybe the leather mute stay  quite stylish on the bridge but the other models don't deserve to hang in most instruments..

The bridge is properly treated by all concert mute models on the list. Depending the bridge thickness leather and specially wood mutes can produce some scratches. Rubber mutes anoyingly stain the bridges and over years of use Spector mutes and Roth may slightly iron out the top of the bridge. WMutes doesn't damage or stain the bridge at all.

Finally, the valoration of the mute fixation on the string is also lead by WMutes, since the mute is firmly hanging on the string and it does not affect the natural sound of the instrument. The Spector and Roth fixation is also firm but it affects notably the sound of the instrument. The Rubber mutes depends a lot of the model, being the best the one that comes with a magnet to hold the mute on the tailpiece and avoid invidious vibrations.

Focussing on Practice Mutes the difference between WMutes and the rest is really pronounced. It's an strange fact the bad quality of existing mutes before the appearance of WMutes. And beside this is a remarcable fact the great prestations that offers the Practice Mute by WMutes. Sound quality, usability, beauty and bridge care, it's another world in any valuated characteristic and if you are a practice mute user you should run after it right now;)

In summary, WMutes brings to a higher level the concept of mutes and muted sound. The price is also the higest but at the same time WMutes are very cheap. For the same that we spend on a strings set that last a couple of months we get a set of high quality handmade  jewel that may last forever.