Duo Pack by WMutes
24 September

Duo Pack by WMutes

WMutes presents for the first time a mutes set that includes a combinated practice and a concert mute, presented in a cousy and handy wood case that will fit perfectly in your violin/viola case. Cello Duo Pack comes presented in two individual velvet pouches as it's more practical to wear inside the cello case.

Duo Pack by WMutes covers all your mute needs, using the concert mute when the composer asks for it on the score and the practice mute when you need to practice late at home or in a hotel room, etc.. you can also combine both WMutes at the same time if you need to extra soften your practice tone.


The Concert WMute is made of a specialy refined bronze that focus and enhances the sound. The contact surface with the bridge and string is covered with a thin layer of velvet that diminishes the undesired harmonics and rounds the sound respecting the natural tone of your instrument.

The design of WMutes achieves the best sounding contact point with the bridge and provides perfect attachment to any bridge and string. Place the mute between 2on and 3rd strings for a perfectly balanced muted sound. Placing it between other strings slightly change the sound colour. Hang it on the begining of the 4th string, next to the tailpiece, to avoid any sound alteration while not using it.


The Practice WMute is also made of a specialy refined bronze. The contact surface with the bridge is covered with a layer of rubber-cork that provides the best sound and fit on the bridge.

The special design of Practice WMutes almost completely mitigate the trash harmonics and reinforces the important ones. This provides the richest possible strongly muted sound covering at the same time the most annoying frecuences without loosing the natural resonance and pureness of your own instrument sound.

The clip-like system allows an easy and safe usability, avoiding bridge scratches or even jump off the bridge. The “after-mute efect” is also inexistent, the instrument doesn't need anymore a few time to sound correct after taking out the practice mutes of the bridge.