String Quartet Set
24 September

String Quartet Set

WMutes presents the String Quartet WMute Set for all those string quartets that care about the quality of the muted sound.

The sound quality produced by a WMuted string quartet is even more evident than a solo muted player. The mixture of the same muted sound of the four instruments produce a much resonant and focused resulting sound colour, clearly gaining a much better muted sound quality and much stable sound projection.

If you are part of a string quartet that cares about the group sound colour, WMutes are your mutes. So many times we hear a perfectly ensambled string quartet that deal with a muted passage and looses all it’s quality.. Finally, not anymore!

WMutes offers a 15% discount by purchasing the string quartet WMutes Set through the website Just add the voucher STRINGQUARTET15 on the voucher box during the check out process. If you wish you can choose a different plate and finish (and optional customization) for each player. In that case just add to the chart each WMute one by one.

WMutes comes presented on an elegant and handy wood case. Each player can also keep its concert mute by holding it on the string of his instrument.