Orch Section Box
24 September

Orch Section Box

Benefits of the Concert WMute on a solo player are multiplied by using them on a whole orchestra section. The resulting group sound is much more focused and clean and the harmonic transparency helps the group to mix the sound with the rest of the orchestra.

Obviously if the other sections also wear WMutes the resulting sound quality is exponential.

WMutes offers a 10%discount by purchassing the section pack through the website wmutes.com.

Just add to the Card 6 violin concert WMutes or 5 viola concert WMutes or 4 cello concert WMute (with the plate and finish you preffer) and the checkout sistem will automaticaly discount the 10% of the total purchase.

If you wish to acquire the full orchestra pack WMutes will engrave all 21 mutes with your logo for FREE (sorry contrabasist, next year will be ready your WMute).