Practice Mute by WMutes
22 September

Practice Mute by WMutes

Don’t you have the feeling (or evidence) that the existing Practice Mutes on the XXI century are absolutely out of date and didn’t evolve at the same rithm of string instrument makers and performers? Don’t you think that you and your instrument deserve a Practice Mute that doesn’t destroy your bridge or gives you such a very poor sound that you can only suffer it for a few minutes? we thought so and we got down to work.

Practice Mute by WMutes was presented the on 2010 with the aim to offer a high quality practice mute for string players. As in Concert WMute, since then it’s been upgraded to reach the best strongly muted sound for your instrument. Huge amount of materials had been tested, including metals, leathers, rubbers, corks, etc. And lots of designs have been realized in the search of sound quality, usability, bridge fixation, springs resistance, beauty, etc.

The result is an elegant piece that adapts perfectly to any kind of bridges and produce a rich and pleasant strongly muted sound.

The piece is made of a specialy refined bronze that enhances and focus the sound. The contact surface with the bridge is covered with a layer of rubber-cork that provides the best sound and fit on the bridge.

The special design of Practice WMutes almost completely mitigate the trash harmonics and reinforces the important ones. This provides the richest possible strongly muted sound covering at the same time the most annoying frecuences without loosing the natural resonance and pureness of your own instrument sound.

The clip-like system allows an easy and safe usability, avoiding bridge scratches or even jump off the bridge. The “after-mute efect” is also inexistent, the instrument doesn't need anymore a few time to sound correct after taking out the practice mutes of the bridge.

WMutes offers the Practice WMute plated with silver, ruthenium and gold, on a bright or mate finish. The plate doesn’t affects the sound, but if you’ve got a very good ear probably will feel the gold model to produce a slightly richer sound.

Practice mute for violin and viola is the same model, since it reacts perfect on both instruments.

On website purchases WMutes also give you the chance to personalize the Practice Mute with your name or logo.