Customize your WMute!
06 November

Customize your WMute!

WMutes offers the possiblity to engrave your WMute with the characters you desire. Maximum allowed characters are 3 for violin and viola Concert Mute, 5 for cello Concert Mute, 15 for the violin/viola Practice Mute and up to 20 for the cello Practice Mute. Anyway we recomend to engrave with not to many characters. Less is more, in this case;)

The used font for the engravings is "Jester Font" (the same as in the engraved products photos) which we think it suites best with the WMutes design. If you really hate this font you can detail in the customisation box your desired font to engrave your WMute.

Follow the purchasing process to customize you WMute. Choose your desired WMute model, plate and finish and check the "customized" option. Write in the costumization box below the characters you want to engrave on your WMute. Note that Capital Letters and spaces between characters wil be respected. Then SAVE it (on your write hand bellow) and after ADD TO CART your customizated WMute.

Follow the checkout process and on the shopping-cart summary you can check if your customized option is correct.

If you wish to costumize the Concert & Practice Pack the process is the same but you will see two customization Boxes instead of one.

In 4 days we'll engrave and send your WMute.